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Danielle Ricard

Youth Worker, Nanaimo

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Since moving to Nanaimo to finish up my degree in Criminology, I felt a strong calling to work with troubled youth. I never saw myself working in this kind of environment because I never felt like I was able to relate to the struggles and difficulties they face on a daily basis. However, as time went on, God opened my eyes to see how broken and lost these kids are, looking for anything that will fill the emptiness in their lives.

When I was approached by YFC Nanaimo to do my internship with them at the beginning of my final year at VIU, I was excited for the opportunity. Not only did it allow me to fulfill my requirement to graduate, it helped me to step into the call that God had placed on my heart the year before.

Matthew 18:12-14 tells us to go after the lost sheep and to rejoice when they find their way back home. Now that I've completed my degree, my mission with YFC is to search for the lost and hurting and bring them to a life fulfilled with the hope and love of Jesus Christ.


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Updated: October 27, 2017