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Motivational Media — Vancouver Island Rep

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I have a passion for youth and a love for media. As a teen, I was greatly impacted by my youth leaders which inspired me to become a youth leader myself. This has led me to involvement in various ways with youth groups within my local church, including volunteering and teaching youth valuable truths about their faith.

The influence of media on youth in our culture cannot be understated. Movies, music and celebrities have an incredibly loud voice that impacts so much of what youth think and believe. When I was in high school, Motivational Media came and presented to our school. I was inspired by the message and recognized the Biblical values being shared through the movie clips and interviews with Hollywood personalities.

I now have the opportunity to use this same presentation as a tool to help youth see the truth about themselves and their potential. We will be equipping youth to face issues like self-esteem, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse and safe driving practises. Our goal is to bring together communities and youth groups and share these values, but also the truth that Jesus has made each of them for reason and wants them to get to know Him.

I'm thrilled for the chance to work with Youth For Christ Victoria and make this outreach a reality.


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Updated: October 26, 2017