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You can be a part of Youth for Christ and shape the future of the young people in Canada by investing with us.

If you're not comfortable with the online options, contact us by phone at 250.383.3182 to make arrangements.

Make Arrangements By Mail

You can also arrange a monthly pledge by mailing in your contact information, a note regarding your intentions, and a void cheque or a phone number we can call to obtain your credit card information for monthly withdrawals to:

Please make cheques payable to: Youth For Christ Victoria.

Make a Monthly Donation

The following option provides us with the information needed to contact you about setting up a monthly donation via automatic bank withdrawal, credit card or cash. Upon receipt, we will contact you to confirm your intentions and finalize the details.

If a one-time donation was your intention, please see the options at the top of this page or on the donations page.

Please fill in all areas of this form except where indicated as optional. When you submit, areas highlighted with red need correction. Be sure to indicate where you'd like the funds to be designated.

We do not provide your personal information to anyone (see our Privacy Policy).

The light grey text in the boxes are hints and will disappear once you enter your own information.

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All gifts receive a tax receipt. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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Updated: February 5, 2018