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Ending Hopelessness

Our job is not to end homelessness but to end hopelessness.

How do you end hopelessness?

We help end people's hopelessness by getting to know them — without judgement or condemnation — by becoming their friend and showing them that we truly and honestly care about who they are. We demonstrate to them that we see them as real people, not just the trash sitting on the sidewalk.

Our Focus

Photo of the recipients of new blankets

  • Saturday Nights This all began when we were going down on Saturday nights and bringing food with us for the homeless. Barbecues are a time to get a bigger group of our family together and to just have some good fun and cut loose. Saturday nights have become a time to see old friends and new faces. It is a time to let old friends know that we are still here and still care as well as making new friends.
  • Coming Alongside Our goal is to come alongside them as they walk through life, to be there to support them as they navigate through the frustrations and barriers with life on the streets. When someone makes the decision that they want to get out and change their life, we help them to make that change and start achieving their hopes and dreams.
  • Hearing the Stories We learn their stories. These stories are all different but a common plot line runs through most: a plot of hurt, pain and disappointment, but also of desires and passions.
  • Meeting Needs Sometimes we bring down goodies like sleeping bags, tents and blankets when we've been blessed with them — the things that are needed to survive on the streets.
  • Coffee Dates Offer More As we share the food, they share about their life and week and we have the opportunity to set up coffee or lunch dates where they share their hopes, dreams and life stories. We then help to give hope that those dreams are attainable and can become a reality by sharing steps and strategies on how to achieve them.
  • Encouraging Hope to Grow This is just a glimpse into what we are doing to help end hopelessness because it is hard to define and box up hope to just hand out; hope is often a small seed buried within a person that through time and love is watered and allowed to grow into a blossoming tree.

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Updated: March 16, 2016

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