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YFC Nanaimo — Paul MacMurchy (Director)

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Serving Youth in Local Schools

Our passion is to bring hope to youth in the public school system. This is why we work in three high schools and two elementary schools and this is where we find kids who are orphaned from their Father in Heaven.

We are able to serve the local schools by running noon-hour games clubs, mentorship groups and breakfast programs. The games clubs have been very successful in that we are able to forge great relationships with the kids through the interactive nature of the event.

Through these programs, we have seen a transition to our after-school ball hockey program and many youth have become involved in local youth groups. We have also seen several of these kids come to experience Jesus’ love alongside those Christian kids from the local churches.

YFC Nanaimo Staff

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Updated: October 27, 2017

YFC Nanaimo

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